Thank you for your comment! I’m not denying that I brought with me a bag full of toxic behaviors from my past relationship and it took a while to reflect, understand, and unlearn. Luckily, I’ve had a chance to talk very openly and honestly with the people that came into my life, allowing all involved a chance to understand and giving opportunity for growth.

Mirroring is usually an unconscious behavior though. Most of the time it’s something we do naturally (some more than others) that creates a feeling of connection and trust. The kind of mirroring I did was amplified by the fact that it had been a survival mechanism for a decade, and it took me some time to realize what I was actually doing.

And yes, self-awareness is key, gained through ample alone time and reflection.

All the best!

Multidimensional creatrix & muse seeking to unite sexuality & spirituality, instigate alchemical healing & ignite the wild (wo)man |

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