Thank you for writing this Mysterious Witt!

I’ll admit to this prejudice too, but, since I disagree with the double standard, I’ve confronted it and would not reject a partner for their bisexuality and would be open to exploring it together.

To me, the visuals or idea of my partner with another man are not what scares me, but I realized that I’m conditioned to be more fearful of STIs with men who sleep with other men. This fear is perpetuated by health clinics here: When you go to a standard STI screening here, they go through a questionnaire, where they ask is if you’ve been sexually active with bisexual men. If you have, they’ll give you more thorough testing than if you’ve had sex with straight men and other bi-women.

I really don’t know enough about the bug-chasing/gift-giving scene to say much about it, but all the tales of these parties (where attendees try to get infected with HIV), which do happen in my city, freak me out and fuel my fears!

So, I’d happily support the bisexual explorations of a trusted partner, but I can’t deny that I’d be a little extra cautious wrt safety…

And please, if anyone out there can enlighten me on this topic, this is something I know far less about and would love to educate myself on!

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