I adore the way you do it and I’m still far from being as open as you with my face, and I keep my Instagram private etc.

I feel exactly what you say. Ane is the edited ‘presentable’ version, and Ena is the real me.

The issue is that my ex and I have some 400 friends in common on Facebook all though I’ve deleted him. After living completely intertwined for 11 years there’s so much overlap. We’re both quite social and connected and have lived in 2 big cities together. Morgan and him also have so many connections in common. The more open I am, and start promoting my work or let others in our network do, I have very little control over who knows what and it’s bound to make it to him. It’s just a matter of time really… and I really don’t know how he’ll react.

I feel really good about writing as Ena. I’ve left my old self in so many ways. I just want to be able to be Ena all the time. I’m even considering changing my name sometimes… 😅

I’m so sorry about the experience with the colleague who stalked and threatened you, that’s scary as hell!!!

Thank you for your support as always! Love you ❤️

Multidimensional creatrix & muse seeking to unite sexuality & spirituality, instigate alchemical healing & ignite the wild (wo)man | enadahl.com

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