(Don’t ask me why I felt inspired to do this, but I found a poem in your text. Words subtracted—set chronological:)

Would we ever do that?
Eruption in winter
Some crazy things in a tent

There in the wintertime
I took to keep warm
Some witchy woman

They are hard to come by
Not many if any
Like to sleep

Outside when it’s cold
One can always dream—
My adventures

I went to the park, not too far
Old Faithful, I asked
“Are you sure you’re prepared?”

She sent me off
Away from them all
Sleeping in a tent

I didn’t always stay
It wasn’t always easy
Steam turns to ice

Place to myself
Not another person
Silence, except for the sound

Eruption; no people
Just me and nature
Doing her thing

Their very survival
Depending upon me
To feed upon the remains

The death of one
Allowed many other
To take their turn

A piece of flesh
To keep warm
Taking in all that I could

At night; to sleep
In my sleeping bag
With me

I’d wake up shivering
For some warmth
Or something like that

To go back
It has changed
Much would be as I remembered

The next time
I could share the winter
And not just share these words

Next time
Wide-open spaces
And I wouldn’t sleep

Under the full moon

Multidimensional creatrix & muse seeking to unite sexuality & spirituality, instigate alchemical healing & ignite the wild (wo)man | enadahl.com

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